Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time is flying by!

Okay, it's been way too long since I posted anything! The first term is over next week and I can't believe I've been at Springville High for over twenty years. I'm not doing drill anymore, but I still teach dance and English, have Dance Company and do all the other stuff I used to do, so I still stay busy.

Dane is teaching at Payson and BYU, acting, ran in the St. George Marathon, has a radio show on Sunday nights, and manages to say "hello" as his whizzing in and out of the house. He's very happy and loves spending his down time out in the yard.

Aleesa and Jake are having twins and it could be anytime now. I'm hoping for the middle of November so she can keep those babies in as long as possible, but you never know . . . it could be tomorrow, next week, two weeks, three weeks . . . I just want them to be healthy. I've had a blast buying baby clothes and since I buy something for the twins, of course I have to get something for Emma and Braden.

I LOVE being a grandma and I can't get enough of those kids. They are so sweet and they are so fun. They make me so happy just looking at them. It's the best!

My dogs keep me company when Dane is gone and they keep each other company when we're gone. They have become our children and have to endure lots of affection from me.

Tia is up at the U going to school and working for the YMCA and Hogle Zoo. She is extra busy and that keeps her happy. I just wish I could see her more. She's only got a couple of semesters left before she graduates and then it's out in the cold cruel world. She still wants to work with children's hunger. I doubt she'll be staying in Utah :( I told her she has to be somewhere fairly close.

Right now everyone is happy and healthy and excited for the arrival of those twin boys!

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