Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time is flying by!

Okay, it's been way too long since I posted anything! The first term is over next week and I can't believe I've been at Springville High for over twenty years. I'm not doing drill anymore, but I still teach dance and English, have Dance Company and do all the other stuff I used to do, so I still stay busy.

Dane is teaching at Payson and BYU, acting, ran in the St. George Marathon, has a radio show on Sunday nights, and manages to say "hello" as his whizzing in and out of the house. He's very happy and loves spending his down time out in the yard.

Aleesa and Jake are having twins and it could be anytime now. I'm hoping for the middle of November so she can keep those babies in as long as possible, but you never know . . . it could be tomorrow, next week, two weeks, three weeks . . . I just want them to be healthy. I've had a blast buying baby clothes and since I buy something for the twins, of course I have to get something for Emma and Braden.

I LOVE being a grandma and I can't get enough of those kids. They are so sweet and they are so fun. They make me so happy just looking at them. It's the best!

My dogs keep me company when Dane is gone and they keep each other company when we're gone. They have become our children and have to endure lots of affection from me.

Tia is up at the U going to school and working for the YMCA and Hogle Zoo. She is extra busy and that keeps her happy. I just wish I could see her more. She's only got a couple of semesters left before she graduates and then it's out in the cold cruel world. She still wants to work with children's hunger. I doubt she'll be staying in Utah :( I told her she has to be somewhere fairly close.

Right now everyone is happy and healthy and excited for the arrival of those twin boys!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great! My family was here and my parents came down on Christmas Eve and we had a great dinner. The grandkids played more than they ate (except for candy - they know all my secret hiding places) and when I went downstairs, you couldn't even see the floor. I told them they all had to clean up and they all replied (almost in unison), "I didn't do it!" Inside I was laughing, but I told them they did too and were going to clean up. With everyone helping, we had things picked up in no time and only lost one toy. We did find it later under the chair.

I love having everyone over and this year, everyone did the dishes for me. Earlier in the day I was getting the secret Santa key out of the box and stabbed myself inbetween my thumb and pointer finger. I tried to hide it from Dane for awhile, but it was bleeding way too much. We took a trip to the emergency room and I called the girls on the way and told them they could go ahead and eat if I wasn't back in time. They rushed be through at the hospital and I was home in itme for everything. I guess I was pretty loopy, but I didn't notice.

Christmas Day wasn't so great, I slept through it. Dane went up to his mom's house and Tia, Aleesa and Jake went, but the kids were with Crystal (their mom).

We did have a nice break and tomorrow we are back in school.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


These are some of my favorite pictures!

Being Grandparents

Last night Emma and Braden came over and we watched them while Aleesa and Jake went to dinner. What a riot! They love to play and find joy in the most simple things. they have also found things we didn't even know we had.

Braden can sniff out candy wherever it is! It makes me laugh. We have a candy machine downstairs and Emma and Braden love to get pennies to put in the machine. Looks like we'll always have to keep it filled.

Emma was looking at an art book by James Christensen and she thought some of the people were ugly. I said, "you better not tell the artist." Then she showed me a painting where the man had funny shoes on and I told her they looked funny and what did she immediately reply? "You better not tell the artist." I laughed so hard.

Last week we took them to the zoo and what an adventure! We enjoyed every minute! Then the next day they came over to our house and played outside almost the whole day. They love the trampoline and playing in the pond. They filled up buckets with water for Dane and even fished in the pond. Dane took the fish out and they liked to touch them.

Grandchildren are such a joy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is all new to me

Well, here we go! Dane is in a play, I'm on crutches, Aleesa and Jake are empty nesters for the summer, and Tia is working at Hogle Zoo. Our dogs, Kase and Tassa, keep us company and love to be in the yard with Dane.

This is a trial run and hopefully, I'll keep it up!